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Buying a license or online subscription

You can also request for full amends within 30 days so there is no loss at all. Win spy prices are affordable. Win-spy computer monitor app is a number one spy software on the web while it has unique, proficient and totally innovative features. That software totally deserves to be called the cheapest on the one hand and the best on the other. Over customers are totally satisfied with the winspy monitor software and right now it is the best seller among PC spying programs. It enables you to activate the webcam on the remote PC and watch it from distance.

The information will be available in actual time. There is a secret PC microphone activation feature via the internet connection, but there is one condition only.

It is activated remotely and all the conversations can be heard irrespectively of the device location. Webcam and microphone listening features can be used simultaneously. While chat room conversations are too popular nowadays, especially among children and teenagers, the chat monitor feature is a must-have one. Everyone probably chats in such social networks and programs as Facebook and Skype.

Lots of professional apps do not maintain that option. It enables you to track sms, social media, location etc. You are entitled to require a full refund within 30 days of the purchase made in case there is a problem for you. Customer service is absolutely free and works any time of the day and week.

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The version for smartphones only works if there is an online subscription. This is your personal account on the NeoSpy server. If the program is tied to an account, at any time, you can view the current user screen and record the previous work on the computer. It is possible to connect to a webcam. To work through an online account, you must have paid any subscription. If at the moment tracking via the Internet is not required, you can not pay the subscription until until tracking is needed later. Local reports can also be downloaded to the online account, several gigabytes on the server are provided for their storage, therefore, a large number of screenshots and pictures from webcams can be saved in such reports.

If you forgot to extend the subscription or temporarily do not want to pay it, then this will not affect the installed program, it will not be deleted and will not display termination notifications. In the future, with the extension of the subscription, the program will start working without reinstalling. To use NeoSpy on your phone, you need only an online subscription, when registering an account, a free demo is provided subscription for several days. No, if you have physical access to a computer and you want, for example, to view reports collected per day on a computer once a day, then you do not need to purchase an online subscription.

Accordingly, you can not buy a local license, but connect the installed program to your account and work with it only via the Internet, view the screen and information about user actions. NeoSpy will work as a full version, but will not save reports on a computer without a local license.

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A subscription to an online account is paid only by you personally, money will not be debited without your knowledge. Thank you for your program. Thanks to the program, I was able to bring my wife to clean water. Now I am getting a divorce. Better a bitter truth than a sweet lie!

I will advise everyone I know to use your program. Thanks again. Sep 16, An excellent program for tracking users, many different tracking options, which are becoming more and more, with the release of updates. Read the full review. The program is great. Easy to use and install. If you developed and as an addition, transferring the conversation to the tracked numbers, voice or text, would be generally the height of perfection!

So far in my experience this is the best I've seen Apr 25, Great program!!! Aug 15, Thank you for the super program. We are really looking forward to the program for iphone! Aug 2, Well done!!!!! Sometimes circumstances force us to prove the user's actions. Monitoring as necessary in some workplaces is simply forced by circumstances. Not out of curiosity, but for proof. I have been using the neospy program for over a year now.

I bought 2 keys. The program works basically well. Updated periodically. It helps me a lot to solve my problems. In principle, I am satisfied.

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Money spent on the program is not a pity. True, sometimes there are problems with sending reports, but I think it will be fixed. May 20, On a push-button drone dialer I respect old devices will not work.

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To track the vibe and WhatsApp put the clones on your laptop, as an option: give a "charged" phone. Let everything be fine with you.

October 12, Thanks for the really working program! I searched for a long time on the net and finally found you! One single point, make it possible to record conversations on the mobile, followed by listening in your account. Perhaps for extra.

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Thank you so much for the program. I recommend it to everyone. I have been using this program for several months, there are no complaints. I was also pleased with those support, I received a response promptly Jan 11,